Is It Time to Rebrand Your Business Blog?

Are you blessed with the achievement of your business blog, and is it allowance to drive able cartage to your website? If you answered no to both questions and your blog just artlessly feels stale, you may wish to accede rebranding it. If you did not appoint the advice of a agreeable business bureau if you initially launched your blog, you may wish to accede accomplishing so with a rebrand. Not alone can a able bureau abetment you with creating a beginning and acknowledging architecture for your blog, but an agency’s agreeable business ability can aswell account you with the blazon of capacity that you should be discussing on your blog and means to optimize your posts for SEO purposes. Whether you adjudge to go the bureau avenue or not, actuality are the accomplish that you’ll charge to yield if it comes to rebranding your business blog: 1. Actuate if a name change is necessary. As far a business blogs are concerned, you apparently will not wish to change the name of the blog unless you’ve afresh afflicted the name of your business. Accumulate in apperception that a acceptable name for your blog accurately represents who you are, is short, memorable, and acceptable contains a keyword that seek engines love. 2. Select a architecture for your blog. This will be one of the a lot of apparent changes to your blog and will accomplish one of the better impacts during the rebranding process, so be abiding to yield your time with this. Your architecture will charge to be user-friendly, constant with the blazon of agreeable that you wish to share, responsive, and adaptable friendly. As you accede your ideal design, anticipate about how your admirers cast to collaborate with your blog, and actualize a architecture that caters to these needs. 3. Choose a blogging platform. I’m fractional to WordPress as it’s user-friendly, cost-effective, and offers a lot of absurd plugins to absolutely advice you adapt your website and advice drive the after-effects that you want. There are a lot of abundant options out there for your blogging platform, though, so yield the time to accomplish yourself accustomed with the pros and cons of anniversary one. 4. Actuate the absolute agreeable that you wish to accumulate with the rebranded blog. If you’ve been administration agreeable conception on your own, it’s acceptable that your beforehand posts don’t reflect the biographer that you accept become today. Use your analytics accoutrement to acquisition out which online writing generated the a lot of assurance with your audience, and accomplish a point to backpack those blog posts over to your new rebranded blog. You may adjudge that some of your earlier content, for whatever reason, is no best applicative or does not who your cast is. In those cases, you may adjudge to annul those posts from your blog. 5. Update all of your amusing media accounts and feeds. Once you accept rebranded your blog (especially if you’ve afflicted the name), you will charge to accomplish abiding all of the usernames to reflect the new rebranded blog. If your amusing media user names don’t bout up to your new rebranded blog name, it will just attending awkward to your followers. The Lotus Creative shares some simple tips for how to change your amusing media username on a array of channels. If you are still in the every aboriginal stages of because a rebrand to your business blog, feel chargeless to acquaintance one of our agreeable business specialists to advice actuate if this would absolutely be a acceptable move for your business and added factors that you should consider.